Tips to Become a Successful Freelance Medical Writer

You can be a health care professional who has never thought about writing or you could be an excellent writer who never thought of being a health care professional. Either ways you can take up medical writing, the only condition being your willingness to learn.

If you have ever felt frustrated with working for someone else, the stress at switching between home, children and office, the insecurity of job, then freelance medical writing is the best option for you. It gives you the freedom of working at your own pace and setting up work schedules in accordance with family and children; the security of a paycheck and the confidence of being your own boss.

Here are the 5 tried and tested tips to become a successful medical writer.

1. Portfolio

The first question you will be asked by your employer is, what experience do you have in writing? Don't panic. Most of us can generate a portfolio. A letter to the editor written to a news daily, a manuscript you authored for a peer reviewed journal, a handout you created for the workshop or college fest,and a poster you presented at the conference.

once you foray in the field of medical writing try getting published samples of your work in the form of articles published on websites, blogs and reviews or news feeds.

2. Marketing to the correct audience

Know your prospective clients. Google. Search. Create a list of potential medical communication companies, Medical education companies, and market to them. Getting work directly from hospitals or pharmaceutical companies is not easy. Market yourself continuously.

3. Honor your deadlines

Remember, a work done on time, is actually the work done. A professional who doesn't respect time and deadlines loses his credibility.

'Deliver on time, on target, and on budget; first time and every time.' - Brian G. Bass

No matter how skilled you are, how professional or pleasant to work with, if you cannot turn in your work on time, you are no good.

4. The right resources

To be able to think independently, work efficiently and deliver within a preset timeframe you need to have good desktop resources and software tools at your fingertips some of which include; I. Reference and text books II. A good medical dictionary such as Dorland's medical dictionary III. Access to electronic libraries IV. Basic software programs, Microsoft office word, word processing software, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software, Microsoft excel spreadsheet software,Adobe Acrobat. V. Update your software regularly. Lastly remember, while writing medical articles you need to use hard science as you may be asked to cite the source or annotate the reference.

5. Spend money to make money

You have to put in extra working hours, acquire good resources and may be work for a little less remuneration with your initial project only to ensure hefty pay checks and good reputation later. You can choose your own means and ways or follow those of someone else's, your success lies within you. So, are you ready to take the next step?


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