Stress Symptoms in Women

Stress symptoms in women can sometimes be solidly frustrating especially for men. "I am stressed" has been a daily expression of every woman and even the kids nowadays. Checking the medical definition of "stress" will help us determine whether there is truth in it or it is just an abused word-of-mouth. Stress is a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension or physiological reactions that may lead to illness. Also, Mosby's Medical Dictionary (2009) illustrates the application of stress with the crying of a young child due to his separation from his parents and with the dehydration caused by an increase in body temperature.

From the above-mentioned definition and application of stress, it can be inferred that stress really exists and can cause illnesses. Thus, it should be avoided. For someone who truly cares to his or her sister and mother, or his girlfriend, it is important to be sensitive in discerning if she is already stressed so as not to aggravate her tensions and anxieties. Also, you can be an instrument to help facilitate her in a process to combat stress called stress management.

The following are stress symptoms in women and typical scenarios of a poor stress management:

• Developing of Bad Habits
Stress triggers women to have a disorderly behavior and makes them vulnerable to engage in vices such as smoking, excessive alcohol and coffee intake, and use of drugs. And such leads to domino effects like excessive eating, poor appetite and nutrition, lack of exercise, and an over-all unhealthy lifestyles.

• Disorderly Behavior
Given the unlimited problems, a woman who has a poor stress management is likely to react and to act solely based on impulses. And such impulses are more often than not negative. It is characterized by uncontrolled fear, violence, loss of social life, and unreasonable anger causing relationship conflicts.

• Poor cognition
Cognition refers to the perception and the mental faculties of a human being. Because of the mental tension caused by stress, one can observe a woman's difficulty in problem solving and self-expression, forgetfulness, worrying, poor concentration to details, and helplessness.

• Low Emotional Quotient
You can easily determine if a woman is stressed when she perceives things negatively and changes mood unpredictably resulting to severe depression that you will just be surprised to see them alone crying or weeping. And because stress hinders a woman to be able to solve problems accordingly, their self-esteem and motivation becomes degraded.

• Physical Illness
There are women who are actually good at wearing a mask that you cannot even recognize they are stressed. However, it does not mean that they have a good stress management. For these women who are very secretive and good at hiding problems, a reliable indication of their stress is their health conditions. They suffer from recurrent headaches, backaches, fatigue, sleeping disorders, loss of sexual interest, breathing difficulties, diarrhea, and paleness. With these symptoms, they cannot deny anymore that they have to admit that they are stressed so something can be done about it.

Stress is brought about by so many complex factors of daily living. We may not prevent it but it surely can be managed. Therefore, knowing stress symptoms in women is very important so immediate action can be carried out before physical, mental, and emotional problems get worse.

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